SDNA Needs Assessment and Core Issue Activity

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By Angela Lochridge, Board of Directors Task Force Chair

One only needs to superficially peruse the American Nurses Association website ( to know that nurses are actively focused on the business of improving health care. Like the American Nurses Association (ANA), South Dakota Nurses Association (SDNA) has developed Core Issue Initiatives addressing areas of need that relate specifically to nursing practice in South Dakota. It is again time to update each of you on the activity of the Core Issues Task Force.

Core Issue Task Force Activities


The Education task force identified goals of:

  • Establish a series of workshops addressing needs identified in the Needs Assessment and strategic planning activities using traditional, electronic, and innovative delivery methods.
  • Provide a forum for nursing education and nursing practice collaboration to enhance student learning experiences.
  • Evaluate the need for changes in nursing education to meet the health care and nursing needs of the future.

ReKindle Workshop

The ReKindle workshop is developed and maintained by the Education task force.

The members request for continuing education efforts are evident in the activities of each task force working on SDNA Core Issues. A valuable continuing education resource that was retained from the previous structure is theReKindle Workshop which was held in April 2010 in Brookings. This workshop focuses on practice issues in nursing and continues to draw many members and non-members each year.

Nursing Delivery Systems/Nursing Models

The Nursing Delivery Systems/Nursing Models task force identified goals of:

  • Explore methods to enhance the role of the nurse and the quality of care within the nursing organizations and departments throughout the state
  • Explore ways to use efficient, economical resources to assist the nurse

    A public survey was established in 2009 and a goal was set to complete between 750 and 1000 surveys. As of 2010 that goal has not been met. Data collected so far is focusing on nursing providers. Data will continue to be collected. A summit is planned in the future to discuss the findings of the research and what the next steps in the process will be.

Needs Assessment Update

In 2011 you will have the opportunity to again participate in the needs assessment process the strategies identified along with the next member needs assessment will provide direction to guide the organizational activity for the next three years.

In addition to the personal interviews, this update will include the opportunity to participate in the process electronically or through pencil and paper survey. The desired goal is to obtain feedback from each member of SDNA within the state.

Nurses are used to setting goals but these are often directed at patient outcomes. Your input in the SDNA needs assessment process provided the opportunity to be a participant in setting goals and shaping your nursing future and your nursing practice in South Dakota. Your organization is working for you.