Core Issue Task Forces and Goals

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Table I: 2010 South Dakota Nurses Association Needs Assessment Core Issue Goals

Task Force: Education 
Core Issues: Nurse Preparation
Continuing Education


  • Establish a series of workshops addressing needs identified in the Needs Assessment and strategic planning activities using traditional, electronic, and innovative delivery methods.
  • Provide a forum for nursing education and nursing practice collaboration to enhance student learning experiences.
  • Evaluate the need for changes in nursing education to meet the health care and nursing needs of the future.
  • Introduce/support legislation to improve access to and provide financial support for entry level and graduate nursing degrees.

Task Force: Nursing Delivery Systems/Nursing Models 
Core Issue: Preparing for Health Care of the Future
Nurse Delivery Systems
Nursing Roles/ Multiple Preparation Issues
Advanced Practice Nursing


  • Explore methods to enhance the role of the nurse and the quality of care within the nursing organizations and departments throughout the state
  • Explore ways to use efficient, economical resources to assist the nurse