SDNA Legislative Agenda

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This Agenda Reflects SDNA's Commitment to the Assurance of an Optimum Level of Health for All Citizens of South Dakota.

Revised on September 2007; adopted by the Board of Directors, October 2007.

Professional Nursing Practice
SDNA supports legislation or administrative action that:

  • Establishes the South Dakota Board of Nursing as the sole regulatory authority for professional nursing practice;
  • Implements SDNA's position on education for nursing practice;
  • Protects nurses from discrimination in the workplace due to age, color, creed, disability, gender, health status, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation;
  • Protects the economic and employment rights of nurses, including their right to advocate for patients;
  • Provides direct third-party reimbursement for services provided by nurses, including advanced practice nurses;
  • Provides for rehabilitation of impaired health care workers;
  • Places professional nurses on boards, commissions and other entities which have responsibility for health care planning and policy making;
  • Provides funding for nursing education and research at basic and advanced levels;
  • Facilitates recruitment and retention of an adequate and culturally diverse registered nurse workforce.

Access to Quality and Affordable Health Care
SDNA supports legislation or administrative action that:

  • Provides access to quality, cost-effective health care for all South Dakotans, especially vulnerable populations, such as children, pregnant women, older adults, impoverished persons, minorities, homeless persons, the chronically mentally ill, residents of correctional facilities, and those who lack health insurance;
  • Provides access to alternative models of quality, cost-effective health care, such as community nursing centers, hospice, home care, and adult day care;
  • Assures access to nursing care services and recognizes advanced practice nurses as qualified providers of primary health care services;
  • Improves the coordination of healthcare delivery systems to enhance continuity of care;
  • Promotes public accountability for positive health outcomes through use of appropriate quality indicators;
  • Provides incentives for cost containment in health care without compromising quality or access.

Public Health
SDNA supports legislation or administrative action that:

  • Assures public health and safety
  • Strengthens the public health infrastructure;
  • Sustains and promotes access to effective public health services (e.g., school health centers, sexually transmitted infection clinics, and community mental health providers);
  • Assures availability of essential health services for all South Dakota citizens;
  • Provides for resources to promote a healthy society;
  • Provides adequate funding for programs aimed at health promotion and prevention of disease/disability for people in all stages of life;
  • Assures adequate prevention, preparedness and response to natural, biological and chemical disasters and to acts of terrorism;
  • Initiates measures to reduce or eliminate violent crimes.

Occupational and Environmental Health
SDNA supports legislation or administrative action that:

  • Assures workplace safety;
  • Protects employees, including those in health professions, from health hazards encountered in employment settings, including the establishment of ergonomic standards
  • Sets and enforces standards for the protection of the environment

Human Rights
SDNA supports legislation or administrative action that:

  • Supports the basic rights of all people for equity under the law regardless of race, creed, color, gender, age, disability, lifestyle, religion, health status, nationality, or sexual orientation;
  • Protects the privacy rights of patients in all health settings;
  • Assures provision of health care information to consumers to facilitate informed choice in health care.
January 2, 2008